A Faunistic Investigation of the Ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the City of Sofia

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:Lapeva-Gjonova, A, Atanasova, M
Book Title:L. Penev, J. Niemelä, D. J. Kotze & N. Chipev (Eds.). Ecology of the City of Sofia. Species and Communities in an Urban Environment
Publisher:Pensoft Publishers
Keywords:Bulgaria, Formicidae, urban communities

A two-year-long investigation of the myrmecofauna of five parks in the city of Sofia (Boris Gar­den, Hunting Park, South Park, West Park and North Park), resulted in the collection o f 31 species from 12 genera in 4 subfamilies. Eighteen species were herpetobionts, six were dendrobionts, five were geobionts and two were stratobionts. The zoogeographical structure of the studied ant commu­nities is as follows: Transpalaearctic - 15 species, Amphipalaearctic - 5, Euro-West-Siberian - 4, Euro-Caucasian - 3, South-European - 2 and Mediterranean - 2.

Taxonomic name: 
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